AVP has been explicitly tested/used with the following configuration of Kubernetes (or Openshift) and Argo CD. We always recommend running the latest stable release.

If a version combination is missing from this table, it is still very likely AVP will work.

Kubernetes (Openshift) version Argo CD version argocd-vault-plugin (AVP) version
1.17 (4.4) 1.8.x 1.x
1.18 (4.5) 1.8.x 1.x
1.18 (4.5) 2.0.x 1.x
1.19 (4.6) 2.0.x 1.x
1.19 (4.6) 2.1.x 1.x
1.20 (4.7) 2.0.x 1.x
1.21 (4.8) 2.0.x 1.x
1.21 (4.8) 2.1.x 1.x